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Are you feeling a bit lost, maybe in limbo?

Now that you’ve survived a life-threatening medical diagnosis, what do you do with this new lease on life you’ve been given? It can be confusing when you had one idea of how the rest of your life would look and now it turns out it’s nothing like the future you had envisioned.

How do you move forward, now that your how life has changed?

As you start bouncing back and feel your life is on its way up, other areas of your life may start to fall apart. Maybe you are unexpectedly having financial issues, or feeling like your close relationships are falling apart, and if that’s not enough, every time you look into the mirror you don’t look like you anymore.

Like many fellow cancer survivors, you are feeling like a victim all over again.

“I believe having cancer allows the individual to find their inner strength and stop taking their life for granted—which often leads to personal development.” Cindy Giles Breast Cancer Thriver

Life Is About Thriving

 Living With P.E.P.!

Passion, Empowerment and Purpose!

Whether we’ve had cancer surgery, radiation, chemotherapy or an alternative therapy, we all go through a process of shedding our “old” self (who we used to be) and embracing our new true self. Wherever you are on that journey, you feel transformed and you want to make your life count by doing something that matters.

Being a survivor can often lead to discovering new things about yourself, new ways of giving back AND of receiving. If you can avoid the overwhelming sadness of loss and regarding it as a death sentence; cancer can add a new dimension to your life and provide a great opportunity to make the most of the gift you’ve been given.

It’s really a beautiful thing — Uncovering the gift out of an illness.

Consider this your coaching roadmap to climb out of the hole (or funk) you’re in and reawaken your passion and purpose to feel valuable to yourself, your family and community again. Take the first step in your new journey, discover what it feels like to get the support you need to experience inspiration, creativity and contentment every day! Life is a journey of the body, mind and soul.

Why not start a new bucket list!


It’s not unusual to feel a bit victimized and lonely, like there’s no one who will understand or can relate to what you’re feeling now. I understand, because I had these feelings when I finished treatment too.

Give yourself a gift and resist the urge to self-sabotage. It’s time to make decisions based on your best interest rather than the opinion of others.

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