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Hello!  I’m Cindy Giles.
I help women cancer survivors pick up the pieces after treatment and create a new life.  I understand
firsthand  what it’s like to re-create yourself and your life after cancer.

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What People Are Saying About Cindy

Through coaching I have become more aware of how my thoughts and words manifest into different outcomes in my life. Prior to coaching, I viewed myself as a victim, someone who was always wronged, lived in a negative space and didn’t really have much hope that I could be happy and fulfilled.

The shifts that I’ve seen are that I’m using more positive language and that transcends to producing positive energy around me and the people that I love. By getting in tune with my true self and living through the eyes of love and compassion I’ve become more of a doing person and empowered by …

M. Caretaker, Cayman Islands

Working with Cindy has served as a confidence builder; helping me recognize and act on strengths that have always been hidden within.

Each week I am assisted by my individual cheerleader, who helps me set personal goals that I am eager to initiate working towards and achieving. The coaching process has encouraged and motivated me in ways that make me feel better about my choices. It has ignited a spirit in me that had lay dormant for many years and has revitalized a soul that is screaming, ” I am here” and will be, for a long time to come!!!

D. Stage 4 Breast Cancer Survivor, Massapequa, NY

Coaching with Cindy has been a life changing experience for me. Not only did she validate my thoughts and feelings but then was able to shift me into a totally different place. Cindy brings a wealth of experience and insight to her coaching which guides her to ask thought provoking questions that really moved me forward. In addition, Cindy was the only person in over 10 years to recognize that I was in a verbally abusive relationship, despite working with numerous therapists. Thanks to Cindy, I finally had a name for what was happening and have taken empowering steps to change that situation.

P. Newly Divorced, Clarendon Hills, IL

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